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Lushan UNESCO Global Geopark present free admission and special discount of entrance ticket for the visitors during national holidays of 2018, in return for the care and love from all circles of society:

On 8 March, the International Women's Day, female vistors over 18 years old will have free admission by ID cards

On 1 June, Children's Day, parents accompany their children will have 25% discount by household register and ID cards.

On 1 July, CPC Founding Day, citizens born on 1 July will have free admission by ID cards.

On 1 August, Army Day,  soldiers on service and their spouse, or partner will have free admission by related certificates.

On 1 September, Lushan Police Day, the police will have free admission by valid police ID cards.

On 10 September, Teachers’ Day, teachers will have free admission by teacher certificate.

On 17 October, Double Ninth Festival, female citizens over 55 years old and male citizens over will have free admission by ID cards.

The right to interpret above policies shall reside in the Division of Tourism Development of Lushan Scenic and Historic Area Administrative Bureau

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