Story Painting on Lushan Glacial Stone 

During the Quatery Glacial Period 300 million years ago, Lushan glacial movement not only shaped the present landscape of Lushan, but also carried a great number of boulders which clashed together and left a large quantity of Lushan glacial stones in different sizes and shapes.

With the coming of International Children’s Day, cooperating with Loving Study Association of Jiujiang, Lushan Global Geopark Administrative Committee carried out story painting activity of children on Lushan glacial stone. The staff from the geopark distributed the materials about Lushan glacial knowledges to the kids in advance to let them know more about Lushan Ice Age. On the site, the kids chose glacial stone in nice shape to draw painting with their imagination on it.

During the activity of drawing pictures on the stone formed in ICE AGE 300 million years ago, the kids had better understanding of Lushan glacial geo-sites and consciousness of nature loving and  environment protecting.

finding the glacial stones



interesing stones drawing

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