Popularization Activities on World Earth Day in Lushan Global Geopark 

On April 22nd, which is the 48th World Earth Day, Lushan Global Geopark carried out a series of popularization activities with the topic of Utilizing recources economically and intensively, initiating green and simple life—telling the stories of our earth.   

Based on the good previous cooperation with Fenggui Manor, Lushan Global Geopark awarded the board titled Lushan UNESCO Global Geopark Scientifc Popilarization Base, meanwhile two parts cooperated to hold nature education activities. Participants experienced the interesting stories about geology, history and cutlure in Lushan Global Geopark through the activities like painting compitition, planting trees and so on.

Topic Scientific Popularization Lecture titled Telling the stories of our earth was held in Scientific Popularization Base of Fenggui Manor. Foreign teachers and experts from 7 countries(America, Canada, Romania, Bangladesh, Nepal, Nigeria, Ukraine) participated the lecture and listened to the stories of Lushan Global Geopark. After the lecture, the managers, foreigners and experts had interactive discussions so as to enhance the understanding Mt. Lushan and Lushan Global Geopark and participants also discussed how to promote the popularization of Lushan Global Geopark.

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