Traffic Control Noti...

Sep 25th 2015

From Oct. 1st to 7th ,for safeguarding the traffic safety and order during National Day holiday ,Lushan Global Geopark Administratvie Committee will take control measure on traffic according to The traffic safety law of the PRC and Jiangxi Provincial Regulations on Scenic and Historical Area .

1. Once the vehicle entering the geopark surpass 4000( the number is shown on the LED screen at the entrance gate in real time), the vehicle control measure will be initiated : The vehicle could only enter the geopark if there will be one leaving the park at the same time. Vehicle which could not enter the park should be parked in the parking lots of southern and northern entrances. The tourists can take the tourism buses to enter the park.

2.From May. Oct. 1st to 7th , according to related resolution of Jiujiang Municipal Government ,the uncommercial vehicle of Jiujiang area could enter the geopark according the last number of the car (odd numbers of the cars can only be driven on odd days, even numbers of cars can only driven on even days in the park),except emergency vehicle, law enforcement vehicle, trash pickup vehicle.

3. Trucks and vans over 0.75 tons, and  vehicles loaded with inflammable, explosive or other dangerous cargo can only be driven during limited time(22:00-07:00) in the geopark.

4、Parts of geopark roads will be controlled in one-way driving according to the numbers of the vehicles.

5、Any vehicles are not allowed to park along Kuling Street. Vehicle could be parked in multistorey parking lot of Kuling Street.

6、The tourists could also park at the parking lots in the hotel where the visitors stay in the geopark The tourists could take the tourism buses to travel.

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